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STYLING | Style freely, be yourself STYLING | Style freely, be yourself
Taking your hairstyling to the next level.

Developed by a team of top stylists and,
our hairstyling products offer the best styling
experience a brand has to offer- from ease of
usage to aligning with the latest styling trends.

Start designing your style freely!
Positioning Map
Chart Chart
Collaborative development with Japan's top stylists, highly sought after for their own style.
  • NAVY
    Fumihiko Uno
    Skilled in creating dynamic and three-dimensional styles, stylist Fumihiko Uno is often featured in the media. He is a regular nominee for one of the prestigious hairstyling awards in Japan. He is popular among many fashionable individuals and is recognised as one of the key figures in leading the current men's hair scene.
  • OOO YY
    Shota Saito
    Stylist Shota Saito’s outstanding technique and style creation based on a unique worldview quickly captivated many. He has over 220,000 Instagram followers and reservations with more than two months of wait. His mindset and branding skills led to his salon’s exponential growth. He also attracted the attention of media interviews and seminars.
  • syn
    Stylist Ryutaro continuously creates trendy and high-sense styles, making a series of hits. Many models and young actors have confidence in his sense of creativity. In addition, he has a good reputation in multiple fields, including brand production, and many admire him as a fashion style icon.
Point 1 - Savon Fougère Scent

A stylish and clean scent that uses carefully selected natural fragrances. This scent was found to be the most popular among men and women in their 20s*. *Mandom’s survey among male and female university students in their 20s (n=120), November 2020

Point 2 - Easy To Wash Formula

Formulated to be easy to wash off and gentle on hair.

Point 3 - Perfect Balance Between Ease Of Usage And Holding Power

Developed by a team of experts and salons, our hairstyling products offer the perfect balance between a strong holding power and superb ease of usage, giving you the best styling experience a brand has to offer.

No animal-derived ingredients used